Kryds Og Bolle

2D commercial.
This commercial/instruction video was produced at A-Sport.
I did the character animation. This film is one amongst others that I animated in 2D for A-Sport.
You can watch more of these videoes by clicking here and select the category you would like to explore.

Hechmann - Home

Live action music video with 3D objects.
This musicvideo was produced at Karma Film and directed by Daniel Charluck Garrelts. It was a great experience being a part of this project by creating, rigging and animating floating cubes to the director’s footage.

Finland 100 - Finland's Faces

2D/Live action commercial.
During the production of this commercial at Piñata, I did the 2D facial animation together with the animtion lead.

Housemarque: Nex Machina

2D/3D animated game commercial.
The commercial was produced at Piñata.
I worked on the 2D character animation.

Less Than Human

3D Bachelor project short film.
This bachelor project was created together with seven other students. We spent ten months creating the film from scratch: I was mainly involved in story development, production management and animation. 
If interested, you can watch my Making-of by clicking here.
If you would like to visit the website of the film, then please follow this link:


3D short film.
The great story of the Zebra Ziggy who suddenly loses his stripes, and his world is changed forever. But for the better or the worse?
This short was directed by Amalie Næsby Fick at The National Filmschool of Denmark. The style was lively and cartooney, which only made it more exciting to animate.


2D commercial.
This five week commercial project was made together with 6 other students. It was for a Danish organisation named “Bryd Tavsheden” (Break the silence). I worked on production management and animation. It was used as a commercial on Youtube. 


3D Quadroped project.
This school project was created in six weeks in collaboration with CG artist Anna Nissen and animator Anne Prip. I animated the first animation and mainly worked as a designer, animator and generalist.
If curious, you are more than welcome to watch the Making-of by clicking here.

Some Like It Hot

3D trailer project.
This trailer project was made together with seven other students in the duration of seven weeks. The purpose of the assignment was to create our own trailer for the Hollywood classic “Some Like It Hot”.
I did the 3D animation along with three other animation students.

Triple Trouble

2D short film for children.
This film was created in four weeks together with five other students. I was an Animation Lead and I did character animation as well.