Housemarque: Nex Machina - Official Announcement trailer
Game Trailer (2016)
Released in November 2016
ROLE: Animator, Effects Animator and Designer

Less Than Human 
Bachelor film (2015-2016)
Released in January 2017
The story takes place five years after a major zombie outbreak. The film follows the life of two cured zombies. 
ROLE: Animator, Generalist, Assistant Production Manager
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Commercial Project
This film were made in collaboration with the Danish agency Bryd Tavsheden (Break The Silence) and their campaign against child abuse. 
This film was created together with seven other students.
ROLE: Animator, Production Manager
Project Quadruped
This is course lasted six weeks. During this project me and two other students joined together and designed a creature, that had to be animated into a life-action background. 
This video below shows the project through an animator's point of view. 
ROLE: Animator, Designer, Generalist
Some Like It Hot
Trailer Project
This course lasted six weeks. It was a collaboration with seven other students.
The trailer is based on the old blockbuster Some Like It Hot and with a new art direction, this is the final result. 
Role: Generalist, Animator
Triple Trouble 
Short film for children (2014) 
This short short film was a collaboration with five other students. 
The film was made during Spring 2014 and took four weeks to create.
Role: Animation Lead, Animator